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Margaret Parker Psychotherapy Kew and Richmond, West London

I provide individualised psychotherapy services to adult clients presenting with a range of concerns, including relationship challenges, career challenges, parenting issues, and mood and anxiety symptoms. Individual therapy sessions can offer the space to express difficult emotions, explore current and past challenges, build skills in a range of areas, and develop a deeper level of self-understanding.

Raising teenagers can be stressful. Sometimes no matter what you’ve tried it only seems to drive your teenager further away. It is difficult for parents to watch anxiety and sadness overtake their kids’ life. You want your teen to have healthy relationships but he or she isn’t eager to listen to you. In my individual therapy with teens, I work to empower adolescents to make good life choices, understand themselves, deal with their changing emotions, and have good healthy relationships. I give them strategies to find balance in life, develop inner strengths and skills to overcome difficult situations, and make internal thought process changes to help deal with stress.

Feeling anxious is a normal part of the development of children and can help them to prepare for the challenges in the wider world. Everyone child has a different level of stress they can cope with - some are just naturally more anxious than others, and are quicker to get stressed or worried. So while we need anxiety we also need to be able to manage it. I work with children to help them to develop ways to manage their anxiety so it works for them and not against them.

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