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Margaret Parker Psychotherapy Kew and Richmond, West London

"Margaret helped me to become more compassionate towards myself and to accept myself as I am. She helped me understand that I wasn't 'broken' or needed to be 'fixed' but that it was mainly about talking to myself in a different, kinder way. Her gentle approach made me feel safe to open up about what was going on inside my head and about my feelings."

"It's a fine line between despair and joy and yet it seemed like there was a vast void before me with string of other emotions in between I was too afraid to see. With Margaret's help and skill, dulcet tones and commitment, we made it through together. Along with teaching me how to ground myself with techniques, and gave me an understanding of how our brain functions. Margaret has a knack of asking questions and gently digging, that almost unknown to me, unravelled the deep-rooted issues that had me bound up, thinking I had no future. And with her bottomless knowledge we worked through the pain and out they came.
With her capacity to hold and listen with compassion, my time with Margaret has helped me discover safety, self-love and compassion, which now feels like I have always known, and I am able to deal with all the emotions on that proverbial spectrum and to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel."

"I contacted Margaret when my daughter was showing signs of anxiety on school days. It was a really difficult time for the whole family and Margaret really helped. She provided a relaxed and familiar setting for my daughter to talk about any worries, to learn what anxiety was and how it was effecting her day to day life. It was an invaluable outlet for her and the fact that she could talk to someone outside the family in her own special time was so helpful and slowly things improved. She is now doing well. Should she have any problems in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to get back in contact with Margaret or to recommend her to others."

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